Team name Action
Basic Witches
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Batman Fourever
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Bear Attack
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Bears Bees Frisbees
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Bebop & Rocksteady
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Beers Beez (Summer 2019)
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Better Late Than Never
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Big Bird
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Big Singing Blue - Team 5
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Big White D - Team 1
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Birdee Ditches
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Black 1 Team - Men's
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Black Hole cuz we don't know
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Black Panther
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Black Sheep
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Black Widows
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Black- TEAM 4
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Blackout - TEAM 2
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Blade Catcher 2049
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Block Party
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Blood Orange, Sweat, and Tears
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Blu-Ray Disc Players (TEAM 1)
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Blue - Team 4
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Blue - Team5
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Blue Job
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Blue Steel - TEAM 4
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Blue Whale
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Blue's Clues
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Blue- TEAM 1
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