Rogue Hippo - Mixed Ultimate

We recognize that there are a lot of options to play competitive Ultimate in Edmonton!​ ​We would like to take a moment to let you know what Rogue Hippo is about.

As we enter our 10th season as a team, Rogue Hippo has two key focuses: ​team development​ and ​player experience​.

We believe a team that functions and competes as a unit produces the best results. With a smaller roster, we will be looking to distribute playtime evenly and ensure everyone sees the field on a regular basis. Our season will focus on developing all of our players and building on their individual strengths in order to succeed as a team. We welcome players of all levels of experience to tryout and are committed to helping each individual reach their season goals.

We also believe that playing competitive ultimate is about more than just skills and drills - it is about the opportunity to enjoy a positive team culture, meaningful competition, and of course some also some fun. As competitive players you will be investing both time and money in the season and we want to ensure it is one you will enjoy.

Mixed ultimate is unique, challenging, and appealing in its own right. We are looking for passionate and driven players who are excited about mixed ultimate and the opportunities it provides. If you are interested in playing in a fun and competitive environment and making some great friends along the way, then Rogue Hippo could be the team for you!

Check out our full 2020 season details!

Stay in touch!

The main source of outgoing communication will be the Edmonton Mixed Ultimate Google Group. Join the Google Group at

The best way to contact Rogue Hippo is by email at

Pictures and general updates will be posted on Facebook, and tournament updates and other miscellaneous odds and ends can be accessed through our Twitter.