2021 Membership

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Your annual EUPA membership is $8 and expires September 30, 2022. After purchasing your EUPA Membership, you can view league options and register to those leagues. 

Membership primarily covers insurance and dues to Ultimate Canada. Members may play in our leagues, vote in our AGM, and can run for a position on our Board of Directors.

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EUPA may photograph or record video footage of any EUPA event. Participation in a EUPA event implicitly grants EUPA permission to use the participant's image in video, still, or audio form without compensation. These image permissions include the right to edit, exhibit, distribute, copy, or publish captured images without approval of finished products that use the participant's likeness. To opt out of your image being used by EUPA, indicate this in the EUPA Image Use option below.

If you would like to opt out of allowing EUPA to use your image, please indicate so here.

http://eupa.ca/node/1114 I have read, understood, and agree to the linked EUPA Amateur Athletic Waiver.