EUPA Cheque and Refund Policy

Refund requests should be directed to

Membership Fees (to be instituted as of October 1, 2012) are non-refundable.
League Fees are refundable until 7 days prior to the start date of the league. An administration fee of $5 will apply to all refunds.

Following the last date for refunds, if a member decides he/she is unable to continue their season for any reason (including lack of interest, injury or conflicting obligations) there will be no refund granted. Should they choose, they may recruit an additional player (potentially with the help of their teammates) and negotiate a fair compensation for their place on the team. Any roster changes should be updated on EUPA's website.

Special Events outside of league play (ex. tournaments) are non-refundable unless indicated on the event information webpage.
If a user is incorrectly charged for any amount, a refund will be granted to reflect the inaccurate charge.

Other situations may warrant a refund at the discretion of the League Manager or Treasurer. An administration fee of $5 will still be charged for all refunds. Appeals of the refusal to grant a refund or partial refund should be directed to

A $15 surcharge will be added when a payment cheque bounces. (Note: the on-line payments system validates credit cards in real time. There is no surcharge if an on-line transaction is refused.)