School and Camp Outreach

In-School Clinics

The EUPA is experienced at running Ultimate clinics at schools for teachers and students of all ages. If you would like the EUPA to run a clinic at your school, email the Juniors Committee Chair at We will recruit qualified volunteers to come to your school, run the clinic, and teach the students the basics of the game. Volunteers come equipped with discs, cones, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Clinics can be scheduled during your regular gym class, after school, or on weekends. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, clinics can be run outside in the school fields. During the winter season, we can run the same clinics in the gym.

School Clubs

Are you a student or teacher interested in starting an Ultimate club at your school?

We can help by providing certified coaches for your club, coaching resources for teachers looking to lead a club, and opportunities for inter-school complementation (Spirit of the North Tournament & School Spring Championship). Send us an email at and we can help you get the ball rolling at your school!

School Resources

Other Teaching Resources to check out