Youth Leagues
EUPA aims to host several youth leagues at different times during the year. The primary leagues are our indoor leagues which may start in November and spring leagues which begin in May.  We also have a fall outdoor league happening in September leading into our fall tournament.  These leagues are great opportunities for youth to learn and develop their ultimate skills and knowledge. The leagues may also provide chances for youth to socialize and make new friends!

Youth Tournaments
EUPA run two annual youth tournaments for junior and senior high players, our Spirit of the North in October and our School Spring Championship in June. These tournaments bring together school club teams from Edmonton, Calgary and other areas of the province to test their ultimate skills on the field!

Youth Club Team
EUPA organizes and supports our club team Fallout in both competion and the development of players. The team relies on the dedication of the players, thier families, coaches and EUPA community. Practicing and playing with the team is an excellent way to improve your ultimate knowledge and skills. 

School and Youth Outreach
EUPA frequently hosts and or supports youth ultimate programs in schools, sport/recreation camps and ultimate development clinics. In these programs EUPA tries to reach as many youth interested in learning and trying ultimate. This area focuses on fun, learning the game and learning how to throw an ultimate disc.
For more information feel free to contact juniors@eupa.ca