Changes to EUPA Spring & Summer Leagues - Feedback Requested

EUPA's goal is to offer a variety of options for enjoying the sport of Ultimate in Edmonton. Over the past few years, we have observed a decline in participation in our 7-on-7 leagues. Based on this data, as well as feedback we've received from current and past players about difficulty with recruiting enough teammates, the Growth & Development Committee has spent the past year looking into new options for programming to increase participation and accessibility for EUPA's leagues.

After review and approval by the EUPA Board of Directors, we are excited to introduce some changes to our spring & summer programming that will provide more variety in EUPA's leagues while making it easier for smaller teams and individuals to participate. The most notable of these changes will be changing Tuesday Summer League from a 7-on-7 league to a 5-on-5 league with registration options for full teams, groups or individuals. Our goal with this change is to see both an increase in participation and a greater sense of community with more teams in the same space.  Thursday Summer League will continue to be a 7-on-7 league with team registration, and Wednesday League will remain a 5-on-5 league with individual and buddy registration for the spring season, and registration options for full teams, groups or individuals for the summer season.

Our new Tuesday 5-on-5 league will be played on a smaller field, 30 yards by 80 yards including 15-yard endzones, the same as our Wednesday outdoor leagues. However, we are still looking for some player feedback for the specific play structure of this league. We invite you to fill out this short survey to let us know what format of 5-on-5 Ultimate is the most appealing to you, and to share any additional feedback you may have about these changes to our outdoor programming.

Tuesday 5-on-5 League Survey