Volunteer With EUPA

As a non-profit organization, EUPA depends on its volunteers to ensure our leagues, clinics and tournaments all run smoothly. Whether you're a league veteran or a new player, we welcome everyone to come out, meet new people and volunteer with us.

EUPA Volunteer Incentive Program

What is it?

The Volunteer Incentive Program is a points-based system developed with the goal of attracting new volunteers, rewarding existing volunteers and aiding touring teams in subsidizing season costs.

Why does EUPA need it?

EUPA is an organization run on volunteers. Throughout the year, EUPA calls on volunteers to support tournaments and clinics. As well, volunteer coaches are required for juniors programs and the Community Coaching Program. Incentives are an opportunity to recognize the significant contribution of volunteers to EUPA events and a method to build and grow an active and engaged community of volunteers.

What can I do with my points?

Individuals will earn points to be redeemed for EUPA merchandise, discounts and more!  

Who can participate?

YOU! Family, Friends, EVERYONE!

Where can I learn more?

Read all about the program: 2020 Volunteer Incentive Program. Any questions can be directed to tournaments@eupa.ca.

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