We're back! Summer cohort leagues coming in July

With the new provincial COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor sport, EUPA is starting to run some ultimate frisbee again! We want to make sure we can play together safely, so we’re making modifications to our usual formats and phasing in our launch of summer ultimate.

Players will sign up as individuals and get sorted onto teams in hat league style. Each cohort league will feature 4 teams of 12 players each playing 5v5. Our initial cohort leagues will start on July 7 and will run to August 27. We are starting with three cohort leagues in separate locations: one that will run Tuesdays, one on Thursdays, and one that plays both Tuesday and Thursday, all 7-9pm. If the launch of these initial cohort leagues goes well, we will use a waiting list system to introduce more cohort leagues in later weeks to run until August 27. Please note that any cohort leagues may be cancelled with limited notice.

Registration will open Wednesday June 17 at 8pm. Stay tuned; we’ll have more details about registration, league specifics, and precautions ready to share before you sign up.