Weather/Game Cancellation Policy

EUPA wants all of its members to get to play the most number of games possible in any given season; however, with the City’s Rainout Policy, variable weather conditions known to Edmonton, and our members’ safety, the fields are subject to closure and games are subject to cancellation. Captains and players must know and follow the following rules regarding weather and gamecancellations.

  1. All EUPA games are cancelled if the city has closed the fields.

First and Foremost, The City of Edmonton field closures are in effect at all time and locations. If we play on fields that are closed, then individual players and our Association may be fined. At 4:00PM Monday-Friday and 10:00AM on weekends & holidays, the City of Edmonton updates its field closures. Field closures can be found at 780-496-4999 (ext. 1) or at

  1. Once at the fields, Captains may Cancel or ‘Call’ a game if either
    1. The field turf will become damaged from use; or 
    2. Captains feel that players’ safety is at risk or players feel unsafe.
      1. Unsafe conditions may occur from but are not limited to lightning, or unstable footing due to muddy conditions.
      2. In the event of lightning remember the "30-30" rule; if thunder occurs within 30 seconds of lightning at your location, players must seek shelter in a safe location and remain there for 30 minutes from the last audible thunder before resuming play.
      3. If an individual player feels unsafe they will not be required to participate.
      4. If either captain or team feels unsafe, their team will not be required to participate.

If the City of Edmonton has not closed the fields then all games are on as scheduled.  The league expects that both teams will show up to play and that a score will be reported. At 7:00 PM game time Captains are free to, at their own discretion, ‘Call’ the game or suspend play if they are in agreement due to extreme poor weather, lightning danger, unsafe field conditions (e.g. muddy conditions causing slipping or field damage), etc.

If your game has begun and weather or safety becomes an issue, captains may suspend play temporarily. We recommend that everyone goes to their vehicles or nearby shelter and takes a 15 minute break. The weather in Edmonton can be quick to change and in 15 minutes can change from heavy downpour, to clear skies and a warm evening. If after 15 minutes the weather has not improved, or it would be an unsafe for players to resume play, or play would result in field damage, captains should choose to either ‘Call’ the game or extend their delay.

  1. Captains may decide to cancel a game prior to it starting provided BOTH captains agree and contact all of their players. Captains are discouraged from cancelling games prior to showing up at the field.
  2. Captains should always notify the league coordinator after any Captain’s Cancellations.

Games that are cancelled will not push back the league’s schedule. By default, a score of 0-0 will be submitted for games that are cancelled for any reason. If a game has started and 5 points have been played prior to a captain’s cancellation, captains should submit their scores for the game. If less than 5 points have been played, captains may choose to use a score of 0-0 by default, or submit their score if BOTH captain agree.

Captains may, at their discretion reschedule games on their own time and submit their scores to the League. EUPA will assist in finding fields if needed for rescheduled games. Contact the league coordinator for more information.


“User discretion empowers the user to make a common sense decision on whether or not to cancel an event on their field. We ask that if there is any standing water on the field or sports play will cause turf damage, postpone and re-schedule your event. If damage occurs as a result of a user decision to play, the user will be held responsible for all repair costs and may also have their Booking privileges revoked.”


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