Let's be honest, we all want to look good when playing...

The early bird gets the ACG worm! Or in this case the early bird gets their shirts ready to wear for the first game. Here are some tips and information on how All Canadian Gear (ACG) can get your shirts to you quickly.

Custom SublimationIntroductory Price of $25 per shirt, one or 100 shirts. ACG is adding a new tool to its arsenal; sublimation equipment! We can now do full sublimation in house at a more than reasonable price. Get something unique and spectacular? You can practically have anything that you can visualize in the design. Start with a blank canvas and paint whatever your mind sees. Personalizing the shirts with names, nicknames, and numbers is also available for a few dollars more each shirt. And since we have the equipment on site, no more long waits for your shirts. Turnaround once the design has been approved is about two weeks.

Previous orders – If you are one of the many teams that ordered from us last few year and just need a few shirts for the new players on your team; you are in luck. We have your logo on file and in most cases we can get the same style and colour shirt even if you only need one shirt. We can usually turn these small orders out quickly. Costs are usually close to what they were in the previous year.

New team orders – Time to replace those worn out shirts with a new colour or design? Or are you a new team to the league? Consider our Custom Sublimation introductory price. We have many suppliers and ranges of styles and colours available. Our art department can work with you designing the perfect logo. Costs range from $17 - $28 depending on style and graphics required. We can turn around most team orders in two weeks.

But the most important tip is to get started now! The earlier your order is in, the better chance to have them the first game. Contact Wayne Telfer, Gear Master at All Canadian Gear. Telephone 780-488-4910 Ext 227, Cell 780-686-7377 or by email gm@allcanadiangear.com and get your order in today!