2021 Board of Directors

At our AGM on November 20, we were excited to host some competitive elections for our new Board of Directors. The new electees on the board are:

  • Vicky Yeung (she/her) — President (2021-2022 term
  • Cam Tomlinson (he/him) — Treasurer (2021 term)
  • Amy Nichols (she/her) — Secretary (2021-2022 term)
  • Kayla Dickie (she/her) — Member at Large (2021-2022 term)
  • Janet Hughes (she/her) — Member at Large (2021-2022 term)
  • Rob Kaplen (he/him) — Member at Large (2021 term)
  • Cam Martin (he/him) — Member at Large (2021-2022 term)

Filling out the board, Peter Verseveldt remains in his role as Vice President for the 2021 year, while Brad Halsey and Marissa Gutsch remain Members at Large for 2021.

For our full list of our Board of Directors, committees, and staff, head to https://eupa.ca/about/board-directors-committees.