Legacy Committee: Calvin Li

Calvin has been playing Ultimate since 1993. His current role is with the Federal Government helping businesses grow through the use of technology and innovation. In the past, he has held Director and VP level positions in the IT industry, accountable for budgets in excess of $5 million, and also co-founded a management consulting company, which helped its clients source over $100 million of funding.

He started playing ultimate in Waterloo while going to University and quickly established the ultimate community and organization, playing on and then captaining the touring team. In 1995, he attended the first even CUUC in Ottawa. In 1996, he won the bid to host CUUC in Waterloo and was the TD. In 1997, he moved back to Edmonton to take his MBA and became involved with the ultimate scene here. Here he leveraged his reputation and wrote the bid that brought the 1998 CUUC to Edmonton, where he became the co-TD. The roughly $3000 in profit from that tournament was shared between the UA Club and EUPA, which gave the Club its first real start. He has since been involved in EUPA from the very beginning, having served a number of terms on the Board and as a past President of EUPA (before Kyle Kasawski).

He has played on various league teams since 1997, logged many miles with the Edmonton open and mixed touring teams, and attended CUC from 1996-2005. He has captained many league teams, volunteered countless hours, and taught a lot of people how to play. In 2008, he came out of retirement to play at World’s in Vancouver with the Hong Kong team in the Mixed Division and led the team in points, placing 12th overall in individual points in the Division.

In 2001, Calvin and Kiersten Stead won the bid to host the first CUC in Edmonton and were the co-TDs of the tournament. Members of that organizing committee founded the Edmonton Ultimate Legacy Committee to protect the future of Ultimate in Edmonton and to provided expertise and continuity within the organization.