2018 Summer League - Sunday

League information
Game length: 01:00
Roster end date: August 19 2018
Start date: August 12 2018
End date: September 16 2018
Sunday : 19:00 - 21:00
League registrations


  • What/Who: This is a recreational league suitable for all levels of experience with a school park adjacent to the fields - a perfect place for your kids to play!
  • Parent Co-Op: EUPA will help organize a parenting co-op where parents will rotate duties of communal field side baby/kid-sitting during league. 
  • Registration: Sign up as an individual, with a buddy, or as a team!
  • When: Sunday evenings, August 12 to September 16 – no games September 2. (5 weeks)
  • Where: Mount Pleasant – 10541 60a Avenue
  • Cost: $30+GST/Player
  • League Format:
    • ​5-on-5 mixed recreational Ultimate (2:3 or 3:2 gender ratio determined by offense)
    • League will follow the 11th Edition rules, with modified field size & less players
    • Two games per night during round robin, one game per night during playoffs
    • Teams will be put into initial divisions based on average team skill level, and will be re-tiered after each round robin
    • Playoffs and consolation-ranking games will take place over the last 3 weeks of league 
  • Full team roster requirements:
    • Minimum 8 players (min 3 of each gender), no maximum roster size
    • Recommend 10-12 players per team
    • Players must be 15 years of age and older to participate in this league
    • Note: This is an adult league, however, however minors (15+) will be permitted to play with parental consent
    • Individual, partner, or small group registration is also available for this
  • Registration: Closes August 8th, 4pm.

(available here: http://eupa.ca/node/1114)

Calculate your Self Rank Rating: http://eupa.ca/node/1117 The EUPA Player Rank is designed to help our organizers create evenly matched teams and divisions.

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