Legacy Committee

The Edmonton Ultimate Legacy Committee was formed after EUPA hosted the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2001. The tournament made a profit of $30k, and the tournament directors, Kier and Calvin, wanted to ensure that the proceeds wouldn't be squandered on free parties or perks. So the money was deposited into an investment account and the framework of the Legacy Committee was built around it to ensure that the funds would be used for the benefit of the future of Ultimate in Edmonton. Since then, the Legacy Committee has been officially incorporated as a not for profit entity and the EUPA has been supporting the goals of the Legacy Committee.

The primary goal of the Legacy Committee has been to buy fields for the ultimate community. Having seen the problems that many larger ultimate communities in other cities have had with their growth, we felt that the best thing we could do with the fund is to buy land and slowly develop it into ultimate fields. Originally, land was very cheap, and we were waiting for the right parcel to open up. However, since the recent increase in the value of land, it has been much more difficult to find a reasonably-priced plot of land that is close enough to the city to benefit the ultimate community. However, the Legacy Committee is still managing the funds entrusted to it and keeping an eye out for any land bargains. Preparations have also been made to access funding to develop the land once it has been purchased.

For any questions or to get invovled feel free to contact the EUPA Fields Committee at fields@eupa.ca